Velluda Point – Superior Pass


Superior Pass or Velluda Point is the last bibouque that climbers use before attempting Fitz Roy or any routes on the east faces of the range. The views are unreal on a sunny day. It is mainly a glacier travel ascent, where in few places we use crampons over rocks, and eventually our hands as secondary support.

Day 1

9:00 o’clock meeting with the guide. We check gear; food and we distribute the communal gear. We take a 17 km bus transfer to Hosteria El Pilar, where we start hiking on the eastern side of Rio Blanco. After 2 hours we arrive to Poincenot camp and 30 minutes more to Rio Blanco camp. We take a lunch break. From here on we start going up until reaching Laguna de los tres. We put our harness and assisted for our guide with a rope, we start down climbing for a bit. Another little section of climbing upwards and we arrive to our bibi sport. We pitch our tent, cook dinner and get our gear ready for the next day.

Day 2

We start early at night/morning to take advantage of the overnight freezing of the snow. Roped up, crampons on we go up on Glacier de los Tres. Passing by some crevasses, we arrive to the ridge. We follow the mixed ridge, where we hike on snow, ice and rock and eventually using our hands. Following the ridge we get to the famous “stairway to heaven” referring to last step section of snow/ice where as you move on you start to see Fitz Roy more and more! Looking like is at the reach of our hands. After finishing the stairway to heaven, we take a mixed ridge to Velluda Point. Amazing views of Fitz Roy, Poincenot, Guillaumet, Mermoz! Depending on snow/weather condition, physical condition and desire, we’d go to Superior pass and Glacier Piedras blanca to see Fitz Roy a bit closer. After all these we go back down the same way we came up. We take down camp y start our way back to town

Consult us for a 3rd day optional

Guides and group sizes

Ratio is 1 guide per 3 guests. Maximum group size: 3 guides 9 guests


Difficulty and prerequisites

No mountaineering experience is required, however if you have had some, it helps a lot.

Guest should feel comfortable flat footing moderate angled ice/snow up to 35 degrees with crampons.

These are all physically demanding days and participants must be in good hiking shape.

Guests are required to carry a backpack with their personal gear (clothes, sleeping bag, pad, etc), group (tents, pot, stoves, etc) and food. About 20 to 25 kg, except summit day. Otherwise, personal porters could be arranged in advance.


Participants are responsible for their own transportation to El Chaltén, Argentina. Your travel agent should be able to arrange this for you. You could get there either by flying to Buenos Aires, and then flying to El Calafate and a bus ride to El Chaltén.

Accommodation & Meals

All meals and Accommodation from lunch on Day 1 to lunch day 3 are included. Tents are in double and triple basis. Accommodation in El Chaltén is not included, however, we could arrange them for you. Also, if you need us to arrange accommodation for you before and after the climb, please advice us and try our best to sort it out.

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements.

Weather consideration

The fame of the area regarding wind and fast changeable conditions are not a legend. Be ready to experience nature and all its beauties and power. We have one back up days and one rest day, which we use it flexibly to make best use of weather conditions.

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